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Maximising your time – The “Getting Shit Done” formula


I used to be an absolute moron when it came to time management. You have never in your life met more of a recovering time-waster or ex-procrastinator than me. I spent 32 years carefully perfecting the art of lurking, leaving

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How Changes and Traumas impact the Human Brain


Most of us understand that a life-threatening experience can shake your sense of who you are and what it means to be in the world. Physical injury aside, some people are never quite the same again. Some, however, seem to

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How to support someone close to you going through a Redundancy


Redundancy can be classed as a trauma regardless of how much notice one is given. If we consider the things that help us feel secure in life, our jobs/careers or vocations is certainly one of them. Losing a job, for

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The Law of Miu


In change management, one of the most important roles is to challenge the status quo. As my mentor, Dickie Bielenberg taught me, “Adele, apply the law of miu”. Miu is an old Chinese concept which is all about proposing the

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