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Principle Consultant – Adele Theron

Adele Theron [BBusSci (Honours in Strategy and Change Management), PGCert Traumatic Studies] is the principle consultant behind Luminous. She is a passionate change management professional and trainer with sixteen years experience in the software and change management and training arena, with a background in business and systems analysis, project management, psychology and PTSD/Trauma/Transition/Change management.

During this time, Adele gained extensive experience implementing and training users of bespoke financial/ CRM/ eCRM/ accounting/ collection/ statistical analysis/ engineering IT systems within the communicationation, financial, engineering, retail, utilities and steel industries. She also has extensive experience as a programme and project manager, including the creation and establishment of a global training academy. She has worked with over 18 different global organisations across 53 countries, worked with over 5600 people and personally coaching 147 executives in assertiveness, confidence, presentation skills and change management processes. She has developed over 56 training programmes which are run in organisations today.

Doing this well is more like an art-form than a science and Adele has spent years developing systems to support managers to support their teams through change in an effective and empowering way so energy is created rather than lost as a result of the change. In 2008, Adele expanded her business to include other forms of change management, including situations where companies had experienced mergers, acquisitions or redundancies as she realised she had a knack with bringing people on board during a big change.

Adele has several qualifications including Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation Professional, Negotiator, Joint Application and Design (JAD) Professional, Project Management Professional, Accelerated LearningTM Professional, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, TimeLine Therapy Practitioner, PTSD and Trauma qualifications and a PGCert in Change and Traumatic studies. She has subsequently created ways to apply these techniques within corporate environments to persuade and influence people to come on board during a big change. Getting people on board sooner rather than later improves retention and decreases support and maintenance costs after the implementation of a change.


Adele┬áhas conducted training sessions across some of the world’s largest corporations and has a team of trainers and professionals she partners with to tackle almost any assignment thrown at Luminous, whether large or small.

Adele lives between London and Thailand and when she’s not working on Luminous or coaching individuals to adapt to change or doing charity work, she loves motorcycling, sailing, painting and travelling to weird and wonderful places.

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