Working intimately with People to ensure organisations are more resilient during change

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Luminous specialises in cross cultural change

across more than 56 countries globally

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We handle the people-side of



large-scale outsourcing & IT transitions,

mediations and dispute resolution

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We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver

cutting edge change strategy and programmes

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To ensure your team remain

motivated, have renewed

purpose and and are as excited

about the change as you are...

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Our programmes deliver the result

and we implement quickly

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“The Luminous team showed incredible passion and drive

during the acquisition. Their energy rubbed off to the involved

and impacted collaborators, moved critical matters forward

and contributed to the success of the deal.

They delivered quality results at an unbelievable short notice.”

Michael Kaestner , Global Project Manager

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And that is how change happens...

One gesture. One person.

One moment at a time...

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Very few, if any, companies are immune from change these days. More often, however, change is initiated because businesses have to respond to external pressures and constraints as well as internal ones. Whether this change is as a result of a merger, an acquisition, a massive software implementation or redundancy-cycle. If you know there is a danger of productivity dipping because morale is about to plummet in the face of imposed change, then giving people support is the single best investment you could make to sustain and develop your changing business.

Luminous offers change management and training solutions to help people and organisations become much more effective at managing, implementing and thriving on change. With our unique methodology, tools and training, you can improve your ability to implement organisational change faster, more comprehensively and more sustainably. The result? You improve the performance of your organisation by building a set of sustainable change management capabilities.

Luminous also works with individuals to support them in climbing the corporate ladder effectively, learning key assertiveness, confidence, persuasion and negotiating skills. For more information, refer to the Custom Training section of this website

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